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  Where are the Loose Slots at the Online Casino?

Before you can find the loose slots at the online casino, you have to know what the loose slots are. The term loose does not imply what it did when you used to play at the local land-based casino. Those loose slots are gone, as the computer age and RNG's in each machine make it impossible to spot weakness. That being said, there are a few things you can do at the online casino to increase your odds of hitting a bigger jackpot.

Spotting loose slots at the online casino.

To find the loose slots, we have to do some work up front. While you might be easily distracted by the bells and whistles of the slots, you have to approach this like a business and start looking at the inner workings of those machines to spot opportunity. This means you have to open the slots and look closely at the pay tables. Pay close attention to the top prize, and compare that number to what other machines pay.

In short order, you should be able to able to see which slots pay average and which are worth your efforts. Now each time you visit the casino, only play the games that pay the most and when you hit a winning combination, you will have a nice cushion in your bankroll.

Learn to avoid slots that are promoted as new additions to the casino. Often these are very appealing games but they pay very little. If you want to play the best slots at the online casino, look for progressive slots instead. The pay for these slots is incredible, and one win could set you up for life. The progressive slots are considered loose because the top prize is triggered frequently and fills up just as fast.

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