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Pushing Around the Weak Poker Players Online

Playing poker online means that you can really project yourself as a better player even if you have very limited experience. No one can see you and no one can tell how long you have been in the game. If you can master just a few skills, you can start pushing around the weaker players quite easily. Here are a few tips to get you started and help to build your confidence so that you can dominate at the online poker tables more easily.

Stealing the Blinds Each Hour

Each hour that you are playing online poker and not winning, you are losing money to the blinds that can really add up. Rather than sit back and let others scoop your blinds, take a stand and once an hour you can make a raise when you notice that a weak player is folding their blinds. They will usually give up with little resistance and you didn't really have to put too many of your chips at risk. Try this only once in a while because if you get labeled as a blinds thief, you are going to get called occasionally and that will certainly cut into your profits.

Making Your Claim at the Pot

One of the biggest rewards to pushing around the weak player is when you can grab the pile of chips at the river. In order to secure those chips without having your stack at risk, you have to pay close attention to who you are in the hand with. If you are against a weak player who is really putting in the minimum bet, hang around for as long as you can. Watch to see if the straight or flush draw gets there on the river. The weak player check, your bet big, they fold and you win.

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